Service Equipments

Submersible reflux pump

The submersible reflux pump is a special equipment used for the reclamation of the mixed liquids, denitrification, denitridation and nitrogen removal in Class ll sewage treatment plant and also used in the locations which require low lift and large discharge in the ground surface water supply or drainage projects.


Hyperboloid mixers are widely applied in environmental protection, chemistry, energy and light industry where the solid, liquid and gas are interflowing, especially in the sewage treatment process of coagulative precipitation tank, equalization pond, anaerobic pond, nitration pond, and denitrifying pond.If the mixer is dry type installation, it's especial suit for the environment with high temperature, high concentration and corrosive liquid.

Aerator Diffuser

Disc and tube diffuser can be used in aeration process in waste water treatment plant.

Automatic screen

An automatic fine screen suitable for most wastewater applications including primary screening and sludge screening. Lowest headloss of any fine screen due to significant amount of open area in the screening surface. Low maintenance due to minimal run time required for operation. Bar spacings available in 6 mm, 5 mm, 3 mm, 2 mm and 1mm. The Stair Screen can be channel mounted or tank mounted.

Air Blower

The blower system is designed to provide sufficient airflow to meet the system process requirements. Total system concepts for municipal and governmental applications - water and wastewater treatment, methane gas recovery and central vacuum cleaning of schools, buses, administrative offices and other local public facilities.


All your need for all applications:
  • Industrial pump
  •  Sewage pump
  •  Dosing pump


All your need for all applications:

  • Buttefly Valve
  • Ball Valve
  • Globe Valve
  • Solenoide Valve
  • Safety Valve
  • Aseptic Valve