Lab. Instruments & Equipments

ENVIROTECH provides a total solution for laboratory and scientific equipments;


Water purification system:

Unique Design & Safety Feature with hydraulic temperature controller and a water float switch provides automatic operation. Protect heater from overheating by cut-out when water is low level
Easy to Clean Up by removing the condenser from the body.
All Stainless Steel with Double Walled Chamber finished with powder coated two colors



Water Bath

Economy and Durable general purpose water baths are ideal for industrial, pharmaceutical, clinical and biomedical use.
Precision Analog Controller maintain water temperature from ambient to 99 oC with ± 1.0 oC uniformity


Drying Oven:

Oven ideal for baking, drying, conditioning, sterilizing and quality control even the most critical laboratory application temperature between ambient to 250oC.



Economical and Practical ideal for general laboratory incubation require temperature range from ambient to 70oC with precision digital control.>



Automatic Temperature Control System to offer more stable and reliable sterilization service, self-test mode diagnose whether the function is good work, used the hot air, dry completely. Easy maintenance without disassembly.


Fume Hood and Safety cabinet:


Ezsy to replace Filter in front panel, Ultra HEPA Filter 99.999% of 0.3µm particle remove, This contaminated air is drawn by the blower through the back plenum of the cabinet, where approximately 70% of the air is re-circulated through the supply HEPA filter and back over the work area.


Hotplate stirrer

Digital Feedback control by High-Performance Microprocessor


Muffle furnace:

Microprocessor PID Controller Provides accuracy and reliability, set point and actual temperature dual display.




This compact sized microcentrifuge is ideal for microfiltration and quick spin downs of various type of microcentrifuge tubes.



pH /Conductivity /TDS/Dissolve Oxygen Meter (Palintest):

This all-purpose meter is suitable for use in the field under all weather conditions. However the features of the instrument make it equally suitable for laboratory use. The meter can be used to measure pH, conductivity, TDS and temperature, dissolve oxygen in all aqueous samples.



Turbidity Meter (Palintest):

Waterproof Turbidimeter is a portable micro-processor controlled turbidity meter.



COD Heater:

The block is ideal for chemical oxygen demand (COD) reactions and enables Palintest to offer economical COD test kits for use with its Tubetest system..



Photometer (Palintest):

The Palintest Photometer takes portable water testing to new heights. The smooth good looks cover a solidly engineered instrument with a high specification and high performance



HPLC, IC (Kauer):

Chromatography is a method in chemistry for analysing mixtures which used in the organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, environmental and food analysis.