Sewage Treatment Plant

ENVIROTECH provides complete solution systems ranging from individual homes to small communities and m unicipal scale applications, sewage systems are technologically advanced units that provide primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of domestic sewage, as well as low cost recycle of treated effluent for irrigation and washing applications. 

These treatment processes are typically referred to as:

» Primary treatment (solids settlement),
» Secondary treatment (biological treatment )
» Tertiary treatment (additional polishing stages such as , Multi-media filtration or disinfection by chlorination, ozonation, UV)

 The heart of the biological treatment process is the Moving Bed Biofilm Technology ---the biofilm grows protected within engineered plastic carriers, which are carefully designed with high internal surface area. These biofilm carriers are suspended and thoroughly mixed throughout the water phase. With this technology it is possible to handle extremely high loading conditions without any problems of clogging, and treat industrial and municipal wastewater on a relatively small footprint.

The MBBR® biofilm technology is efficient, compact and easy to operate. It can be an excellent solution as a stand-alone process, a Moving Bed biofilm reactor, or it can be used to specifically enhance or upgrade treatment potential of activated sludge processes.

The specific advantages of the MBBR Biofilm Technology over the conventional Activated Sludge Process can be summed up as:

» Compactness- A footprint <40% of the conventional process.
» Lower power consumption.
» Ease of operation.
» No Recycle Loop.
» No plugging of Aeration Devices.
» Flexible Process.
» Allows for Modular Expansion.
» Stable Process-Reliable Results.

We are an independent consultant and can help our customer:

» Find the best available technology, irrespective of the process type.
» Make design for all types of biological processes.
» Optimize existing plants.